What will be…will be.

Think about that, what will be will be. Not something one would often hear someone with OCD say. That’s what this article is about. What if we, those with OCD and intrusive thoughts, changed the “what ifs” to “what will be will be”‘s?

For example. Johnny used to pick on Mary in high school all the time. About ten years after graduation, Johnny learns that Mary committed suicide. Johnny suddenly gets this terrifying thought that maybe because he picked on her in high school that he is responsible for Mary’s suicide. He began to think, “what if I caused this? I should be punished.”

Suddenly, the snowball effect of OCD presents itself to Johnny. Now, not only is he afraid that he may have caused his classmate to commit suicide, he also has become afraid that he should now confess and be sent to prison for doing so. He asks himself “what if this is considered a crime and I will be sent to prison?”

What if instead of saying “what if” we say “whatever will be will be”? How might this change themindset of our OCD? Is this even possible?

Please check out my YouTube channel for more information. https://youtu.be/Gx9Guk0PwSQ

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