OCD Recovery Does Not Mean Cured

Recovery. This word gets thrown around so much with OCD. Many people hear recovery and think this means a person is cured. I know when I used to read the word “recover”, I thought, “Wow! That means that I can get over ocd. One day I am going to be in a position where it’s vanished!”

On my channel I keep pretty upbeat composure. I try to be and I think a lot of people just think that I don’t deal with ocd anymore, which is not true. Every day in my life I struggle with ocd. OCD is there every day. It’s there when I wake up. It’s there when i go to bed. It’s there when I work. OCD is ALWAYS there.

Recovery, to me, is not getting OCD to go away, because in my experience and from my point of view it doesn’t go away. It’s livable. You may have times where you keep the beast at bay and you don’t experience a lot of the OCD symptoms and it’s pretty mild, it’s tame for a bit of time. For me, however, it has always come back. OCD has never gone away ever, but it has calmed down and that made things a lot easier for me but it is still always there.

I have always said, and this will really anger other people that claim that you can get rid of OCD and that it’s just going to go away. They say “do this or do that and you won’t have ocd anymore”. Well I wish there was a magical cure but from what I’ve seen there isn’t one, and from the people that I talk to there is no cure.

Recovery is an everyday work in progress. It’s not like you go to a therapist for weeks or months, years even and then all of a sudden become ocd free. Recovery requires effort every day of your life.

Look at drug addicts, heroin. When you hear somebody’s in recovery from heroin you don’t say to yourself “they’re over it, they don’t do it anymore”. The urge is still there and most of the time they take a medication to keep them from using but they’re in recovery their whole life, they’re fighting that battle every day. Same goes with ocd. The amount of effort you put in is what determines the quality of your life with ocd.

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